The Language of Maths

Sometimes we think Maths is all about numbers – but really it is the language we use to direct these numbers that is important. Some children and adults can struggle with the language element of maths – they are dealing with numbers and words at the same time. Have you ever noticed how your child can work out a maths process (eg: adding a few numbers) but when it is presented in a word problem, they struggle?

From Senior Infants, children start to use the + and = symbols to form addition sentences and they continue to build on this year after year. 

From First class, we see the – symbol introduced. We also see the use of repeated addition and group counting (a precursor to multiplication)

From Third class, we see the formal teaching of multiplication and division

By 5th and 6th class, students work out sums, differences, products and quotients of whole numbers and decimals.

Download a printable version of the above image for future reference.

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