We begin to formally teach times tables in 3rd class.

📌It begins as repeated addition (which they have being doing in 1st/2nd class)

📌Understanding that multiplication is ‘groups of’ or ‘sets of’ is very important.

📌Using concrete materials like cubes, counters etc will help children test out this “groups of” theory.

📌Soon we replace ‘groups/sets of’ with the multiplication symbol.

📌Lots of work and repetition done: counting up in multiples (eg 3s, 4s, 5s), noticing patterns as we count, jumping backwards and forwards – mentally, physically and written work.

📌Practice, practice, practice.

📌Use games and tasks to have fun and work with peers. I.T. can be a great resource here.

📌Final step is to work on recalling these number facts.

📌Not all children will learn at same pace. Patience is key and practice in many forms to suit all learning styles is essential.

📌Recalling number facts easily will make access to other maths concepts easier- fractions, decimals, percentages, money, weight, length, long multiplication/division.

📌Support at home by practising counting up in multiples in a fun way -walking up the stairs, jumping from cushion to cushion, hopping from foot to foot. Use raisins, pasta, Lego to put into groups of. Let your child teach you – pretend you need help with learning tables!

📌Consistency is key!

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