5 Ideas to Encourage Reading Homework

delighted ethnic little siblings reading interesting book on couch

Most students will have some reading homework each night. 

  1. Read text out loud at same time as child – this can help build confidence while reading, or even just get the child started. Slowly fade out and let your child continue on.
  2. Read in turns – take a sentence/paragraph each. This again helps to entice the child to read while also the parent is modelling reading, stopping at full stops, using expression. 
  3. Choose a word on the page to mime. Your child must guess the word and find it on the page. Let your child choose a word to mime too – this is a fun activity.
  4. Describe a word on the page – ‘this word means...’ and your child must again find the word on the page. Allow your child to describe a word too. This builds vocabulary and comprehension.
  5. Act out the story as your child reads each sentence. Again this increases engagement and adds a fun element to reading.
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