5 Tips to Keep Homework Stress Free!

woman in yellow shirt writing on white paper
  • Homework can be a stressful time in any household. Follow these 5 simple tips for keeping homework time calm:
  • Basic needs – this one seems obvious but can easily be overlooked. I’ve been caught out with this a few times resulting in meltdowns! Make sure your little one has eaten something  – even a slice of toast and a banana. Keep water to hand in case they are thirsty. Are they warm or too warm? Is their uniform uncomfortable?
  • Homework Policy – Every school will have a homework policy – this will outline what is expected for each year group – for example, a 2nd class student might just have 20 minutes homework a night – if your child is taking longer to do homework than this, it is time to get in touch with the teacher and see where the problems lies.
  • Always have a complete set of homework stationery to hand just for homework – saves so much hassle looking for missing pencils, erasers etc.
  • Ideally the house would be screen-free during homework time. Even just knowing a cartoon is on TV in the other room can be a distraction.
  • Consistency is key! Agree upon a time that suits your family and stick to this. The routine and structure will help your child to know that homework time happens every day (usually just Monday to Thursday!).
  • Note: If your child is finding homework too difficult consistently, contact their teacher as soon as you can. Homework anxiety is awful for a child and there is no need for it.
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