Relationships are essential when it comes to learning. When we feel happy, safe and connected with the people around us, we are open to learning.

I was recently asked by a parent of a child with ASD to share my experience of teaching children on the spectrum. I’ve been lucky to have taught children with ASD as a mainstream teacher and as a learning support teacher. Looking back over the years, every child I worked with was so completely unique – individual personalities, interests and strengths. I couldn’t say one teaching strategy or approach would suit all because each child was so individual. I always looked to connect with each child in a different way.

And that was it – CONNECTION – that was the thread that ran through each child. Connecting with their teacher, their SNA, their support teacher and most importantly their friends. These relationships are important for the child in order to be heard, to be valued, to not get lost in the mainstream school. Open communication with parents allows these connections to flourish and the child to thrive.

Over the coming months, I want to share some strategies, tips, ideas that may help parents of children with ASD in a mainstream school. I’ll be speaking to other teachers and SNAs to gather meaningful insights that would be of help. 

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