Writing Letters/Numbers Backwards

Writng numbers or letters backwards is quite common for young children. You can support your child at home by trying to engage the brain using as many senses as possible.

📌Make it fun!

📌 Use items around the house.

📌Make the number/letter with their carrots during dinner time!

📌Use movement – creating the number/letter with cushions on the floor – jump from cushion to cushion!

📌Write out the number or letter with coloured chalk outside on the ground – hop, skip, jump over the letter.

📌Use technology – a phone to record your child showing how to write the number correctly and play back. This gives the child feedback and allows them to really think how to explain how the number/letter is written.

📌Your aim is to create a vivid memory of that letter using many ways in a fun, positive way!

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