Junior Infant Lunch Ideas

Here are the most popular lunch ideas for junior infants – compiled by infant teachers and experienced mammies!

Break and lunch times in infants are not very long and it’s a time for children to chat with friends and eat their snack/lunch. 

Lunch choices should be easy to handle, not involve tricky wrappers and your child should be able to eat it all without any help.

Peel the oranges and have the segments ready to go. If chopping apples slices, a squeeze of lemon juice will keep them fresh.

Always cut grapes in half lengthways.

Yogurts tubes are to be avoided as generally kids this young struggle to open them, they spill and splash everywhere. If sending a yogurt, make sure they can open it and keep a spare spoon in bag!

Having a lid attached to the lunchbox saves a lot of hassle. 

Water bottles should be easy to open and close. Store in the outside netting of the schoolbag.

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