School Reports

It’s that time of year again! Let’s break down the school report!

All schools have about 8 set templates to choose from. There is a separate, slightly different one for 6th class.

Generally the first part covers your child as a learner and social & personal development. There are 4 ratings: rarely, sometimes, most of the time and always. These ratings can be displayed in smiley faces, stars or just words as above.

The bulk of the report is based on the 11 subjects and religion/ethical education. There are 5 ratings:

Experiencing significant difficulty, experience some difficulty, managing comfortably, capable & competent, highly capable & competent.

English/Irish has four parts – listening comprehension, oral expression, reading, writing.

Maths has four parts – understanding & recalling, using procedures, reasoning & problem-solving, explaining & communicating.

There will be a section of advice from the teacher on how you can support your child’s learning (usually tips for what to do over summer – reading, visit library etc).

The Standardised test results will be given – they must be here if in 2nd, 4th or 6th class.

If your child worked with a support teacher, there will be a section for their comments.

The class teacher will have a section for an overall comment about your child’s learning.

Attendance and punctuality will be at the end.

6th Class: 

Similar layout to above, however only 3 ratings for the subject areas – 1. Working towards expectations, 2. Meeting expectations and 3. Ahead of expectations.

If your child received extra support, the teacher will tick ‘P’ to indicate a support plan was in place. If there is an exemption for Irish, this will be marked.

Standardised tests scores from 2nd, 4th and 6th will be displayed. A copy of this report card will be forward to the post-primary school your child is enrolled in.

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