Sight Words

Sight words are words that generally don’t follow any of the spelling rules, they are quite difficult to sound out. They can also be high frequency words that appear often and would slow the reader down trying to sound out all the time.

They need to be memorised. 

You may notice the teacher calls them ‘tricky words.’

Here are some ways you can help support learning these words at home:

👀Keep a chart on display at home and write each word as they learn it. Usually one each week.

👀Write in flashcards – play snap, play memory. 

👀Guess The Word – choose a word from the chart and describe it. Child has to guess it. Let your child do same for you.

👀Word Race – choose a word and first one to write the word 5 times wins. Add in extra instructions like “with a red colour” or “do 2 star jumps when finished”. (PS: let them mostly win!!)

👀When reading bedtime story, look for the tricky words.

👀Hide the words around the house – race to find, or play hot and cold. 

👀Make it fun!

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