I have teamed up with Suzanne, a speech & language therapist from @the.babblingbookclub to create this infographic about DLD.

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

🗣DLD is diagnosed when a child or adult has significant difficulty talking and/or understanding language.

🗣 In an average class of 30, up to two children may have DLD (1 out of 15).

🗣 It has an impact on education in many ways – learning, reading, behaviour, social interaction.

🗣 You might notice:

  • shorter sentences 
  • simpler vocabulary 
  • difficulties answering questions, following directions, having conversations

🗣 Best outcomes in intervention are when parents, speech and language therapists and teachers work together with the child with DLD.

🗣 Check out RADLD.org  and dldandme.org for more!

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