Summer Tasks

There are lots of great ways to continue to develop numeracy and literacy over the summer without children feeling like they have to do ‘homework’! Here are some ideas:

  • Library Visits – Join the Summer Stars programme from some extra motivation. Make visiting the library a regular event throughout the summer. Pick a time in the day where everyone reads – TV off.
  • To encourage writing: write postcards and send to family and friends, make lists of anything – shopping lists, lists of things we will need for the beach trip tomorrow, lists of place we could visit, lists of favourite animals etc.
  • Subtitles – if watching cartoons (because of course that will happen!) pop the subtitles on too – this is great for beginning readers and all the way up!
  • Maps – draw maps of the playground and label the swings, slides etc. Draw a map of the park, your garden, house anywhere – label and colour.
  • Board Games – any board games that encourage counting, reading or thinking skills – Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly Junior, Frustration, connect 4, Pictionary, Cluedo Junior to name a few.
  • Create a story  – choose 5 random toys and tell a story using all the characters/objects. Older children can write the story out after and draw a picture.
  • Nature trails – collect leaves, shells, pebbles etc – make lists of them, draw them, tell a story about them.
  • Counting toys  – simple but effective – count all the teddies, cars, dolls, the blue bricks, the red cubes, anything! – touch each toys as they count.
  • I Spy – still a classic! I Spy something beginning with the ‘muh’ sound. Focus on sounds for infants, letters for older kids. I Spy something the colour green for pre-schoolers.

Keep it fun, natural and most of all enjoyable!

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