Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is the formal diagnosis.

📎It is a neurological disorder affecting physical coordination.

📎It is not related to intelligence but can affect cognitive skills.

📌It seems to be more common in boys than girls.

📌Sometimes children with DCD can be mistaken as being ‘clumsy’.

📌It affects fine motors skills – writing, colouring, buttoning shirts, using scissors, tying laces.

📌It affects gross motor skills – climbing, throwing, catching, running, riding a bike.

📌It affects motor planning – the thinking behind movements we make eg brushing teeth, washing hands etc.

📌Hand-eye coordination can be off.

📌It affects balance.

Some other symptoms:

✏️Struggle organising thoughts.

✏️Poor sense of direction, poor posture, sensitive to touch.


✏️Speech and language problems.

✏️Delays on motor skills at home and in school.

There is no cure for DCD, but many therapies can help such as:

  1. Occupational Therapy
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Speech & Language Therapy
  4. Active play is very important 
  5. Adapting tasks such as breaking down tasks into simple step by step instructions, using special pencil grips, 
  6. Movement breaks in school.
  7. Access to support in school – support teacher. 
  8. Access to SNA if ‘significant care’ is needed.

For more information and the process for diagnosis, visit:


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