Primary School Curriculum

📝These are the 11 subjects taught in the primary school curriculum.

📝As you can see there a quite a lot of subjects to fit in to the school week.

📝In the past few years, certain areas of the curriculum, which was developed in 1999 have been updated (Primary Language) and others areas are in the process of being updated (Maths and parts of SPHE).

📝Religious Education – The particular patron body of the school will develop the curriculum for Religious Education.

📝Each subject is broken into ‘Strands’ a bit like topics. Each strand is broken down into ‘strand units’ (sub-topics) and there are many learning objectives/outcomes that come from these.

📝Based on the curriculum, teachers create plans for the year or term to term. They will also have fortnightly plans and submit a monthly report to the principal with details of what they have covered that month.

📝If you would like to learn more about what is taught in each subject, visit and sign up for one of the “Explained” courses for a class level of your choice.

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