Learning Letter Sounds

Learning to read begins with the ears. 👂🏼👂🏼 When our little ones start Junior Infants, we become aware that they first start to say letter sounds such as ‘muh’ for M or ‘eh’ for E and so on. This seems to be the very beginning of reading as this is what we see. However learning toContinue reading “Learning Letter Sounds”


Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is the formal diagnosis. 📎It is a neurological disorder affecting physical coordination. 📎It is not related to intelligence but can affect cognitive skills. 📌It seems to be more common in boys than girls. 📌Sometimes children with DCD can be mistaken as being ‘clumsy’. 📌It affects fine motors skills – writing, colouring,Continue reading “Dyspraxia/DCD”


I have teamed up with Suzanne, a speech & language therapist from @the.babblingbookclub to create this infographic about DLD. Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) 🗣DLD is diagnosed when a child or adult has significant difficulty talking and/or understanding language. 🗣 In an average class of 30, up to two children may have DLD (1 out of 15).Continue reading “DLD”

School Bags

Choosing the right school bag for starting school is a minefield! Here are some tips: The bags must be big enough to comfortably fit an A3 ziplock wallet for books, copies, worksheets etc. A decent sized lunch box must also for it. Make sure there is netting on the side to howls a drinks bottle.Continue reading “School Bags”


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