School Starting Age

Starting school age can be such a contentious issue for parents especially if they have children born in the months Jan – April. For parents of children born in these months it can be a tough decision as they feel their child might be too old or too young starting school. Social versus academic AContinue reading “School Starting Age”


I get lots of questions about how to help improve concentration in children. There are so many factors contributing to concentration – age, development, interests, personalities, sleep quality, screen-time usage, nutrition, and more. However, here are some activities that will help work that concentration muscle: 🔎Jigsaws – require focus, patience and concentration. Start with easyContinue reading “Concentration”

5 Tips To Help With Comprehension Homework

Comprehension of reading is when we understand what we have read. In school, we teach many different strategies to help pupil with comprehension.  We teach pupils: 📖To predict what will happen in a story 📖To visualise what they have read 📖To activate prior knowledge before reading 📖To summarise  📖To infer what is going on –Continue reading “5 Tips To Help With Comprehension Homework”

Maths Questions

So many opportunities to incorporate mathematical thinking into your child’s day! In infants, children are beginning to understand that objects can be heavier, lighter, bigger, smaller, longer or shorter from each other. They are beginning to understand that objects can be counted and counting is important. Involve children in every day tasks around the house,Continue reading “Maths Questions”

More Tips for Blending

Part 2 Some more tips for blending sounds! Notice I say ‘sounds’ not letters! Always focus on the sounds of a letter or group of letters. ’S’ is a sound (ssssss) and ’sh’ is a separate sound. See part 1 for more tips!

Tips for Blending

Part 1 A few tips for helping your little one with blending sounds to make words. Patience and persistence is key here – it takes time and effort at the beginning for lots of children. This can often feel frustrating for parents but stick with it! Stay positive and calm, give lots of encouragement andContinue reading “Tips for Blending”

Ar Scoil

A few words based on the ‘At School’ theme.

Learning Letter Sounds

Learning to read begins with the ears. 👂🏼👂🏼 When our little ones start Junior Infants, we become aware that they first start to say letter sounds such as ‘muh’ for M or ‘eh’ for E and so on. This seems to be the very beginning of reading as this is what we see. However learning toContinue reading “Learning Letter Sounds”


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