Help With Irish!

Irish For Parents

Starter E-Book

This E-book covers the 10 themes in Irish – Food, Clothes, Weather, Myself, Home, Hobbies/Pastimes, School, Television, Special Occasions & Shopping!

Numbers, Colours, Days, Months!

Actions, Questions, Feelings!

Some basic grammar and sounds.

Every word spelt phonetically to help you pronounce correctly!

Ideal for parents of infants to 2nd class – or if you just want to understand the basics and help with homework!

Hard copy available on Amazon

Starting School – Parents’s Guide E-Book

A practical guide for parents to help little one start school.

Skills to practice before starting school.

How to choose the right lunchbox, schoolbag, drinks bottle.

Tips for the first day.

Homework Tips

Supporting learning to read and write.


And more!

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